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 Events and pvp

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PostSubject: Events and pvp    Sat Aug 27, 2011 12:37 pm

So i feel after joining this server that it is pretty pvp oriented seeing how things are easy to get including gears and stuff. If you're going to have a pvp server then you need to do something to promote it. Some events need to be hosted you can do certain things like:

1 vs 1 events- these are usually fun for pvp because it lets people see who is better at their classes. Also this gives the players something to do with their time rather then sitting in the AH bored out of their minds. These can easily be turned into 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, etc. You can even mix things up do 1 vs 1s out of a group of 6 fury and light then the 3 people who win the 1 vs 1s need to do 3 vs 3s and then finally a 6 vs 6.

Map races- Take karis for example have all the fury take the alters and create a path for lights to mount race around the area making them pass through fury alters to see how players do passing through obstacles. As for fury have lights take all the alters and fury do the same thing.

Guild vs guild events - this can even turn into pvp where only certain guild are allowed in a certain pvp area to do this event. Have the guilds meet in a spot and have a GM moderate the event so that they can battle it out.

There are many more that you can do but it will only happen if you guys open it up and actually make events and pvp happen or else you're going to end up with a dead server. So how about we use our Gm powers and make some events for your players so that we can have some fun and bring more people here. Unless the 20 people online are all you want to play on your server. ^^ kthanksbai
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Events and pvp
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