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 WeirdoElmo's Application

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PostSubject: WeirdoElmo's Application    Sun Aug 14, 2011 4:38 pm

Hello Everyone. my name is WeirdoElmo and this is my [GS]Application.

-Toon name:WeirdoElmo


-Timezone: (GMT + 1:00)

-Age: I am 18 years old

-How many hours a day appoximately will you be playing?
I am on nearly all the time in-game, so i will keep my eye out for anyone that could use any kind of help.

-Have you any previous experience as a GS?
I have experience at being a [GS], so i am aware of the responsibility needed for the job.

-Why do you think you meet requirements?
I believe i meet the requirements for this job because i am a experienced player at shaiya, I am also Kind,Friendly,Funny and willing to help people whenever they need it.

-Why do you want to become a GS?
I want to become a [GS] because i love to help the gaming community with or whenever they need it at all time's.
-Do you understand that being a GS is more than having a tag, that being a GS means a compromise with the rest of the Staff?
Yes i do understand that being a [GS] is not only about the Tags. Smile

-Tell us something more about yourself
Lets see, my name is Matthew, i am kind,Loyal,Friendly,Loving and Funny, i have been playing shaiya for a long time now soooooooo......... yh if you need to ask me anything else here is my skype

Skype: jonesma4
Add me Wink
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WeirdoElmo's Application
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