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 GS aplication (fury side)

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PostSubject: GS aplication (fury side)   Sat Aug 13, 2011 6:00 am

-Toon name:Show-Man
-How many hours a day appoximately will you be playing?Now i ussally play aruond 7-9huor's a day.
-Have you any previous experience as a GS?Yes, i have been GS in shaiya wicked for 5month's.
-Why do you think you meet requirements?I can smeel hacker's from mile. I'am tolerant and can speak with ppl in all problem. iam always focos on explaining ppl what they need to know.
-Why do you want to become a GS?I want to give something for server. Im getting here fun and want to give easyer life's to GM's maybe other GS's. Ofc i like helping ppl.
-Do you understand that being a GS is more than having a tag, that being a GS means a compromise with the rest of the Staff?Ofc was GS know how it work's Smile
-Tell us something more about yourself. Im 1.95m giant ;P like candy's and hot girl's oO im from lithuania. Name Romas Smile
Will be waiting for ur answer. Smile gl and hf.
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PostSubject: My GameSage Application   Sun Aug 14, 2011 4:18 pm

Hello My Name is Fox i am very active i play on UoF i am a orc my character name is FoxHealz
i have been playing shaiya for 6 years i played alot of private servers and i love to host events and when i see a fight i would like to try to brake it up : ) if u chose me as a GameSage u will not regret it.
and i love to help other players i do plvl alot and i love to share my expieriance with other players with what i have learned my self.
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GS aplication (fury side)
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