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 [GM]Ender for GM? GS? :D

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PostSubject: [GM]Ender for GM? GS? :D   Thu Aug 11, 2011 5:30 pm

-Toon name: Ender

-Faction: Never been anything but Fury.

-Timezone: Eastern time.

-Age: 21

-How many hours a day approximately* will you be playing? I recently quit my job, So for now I'm full time shaiya player.

-Have you any previous experience as a GS? In 4 other servers.

-Why do you think you meet requirements? Experience.

-Why do you want to become a GS? Love players and interacting, i dont like people who try and cause issues, and honestly i have nothing better to do.

-Do you understand that being a GS is more than having a tag, that being a GS means a compromise with the rest of the Staff? More understanding then I probably need.

-Tell us something more about yourself I'm a average person mostly, I have a friend that takes up some of my time. I love to help people unless there someone I don't get along with unless I have to I usually wont. I was a computer technician for a couple years working under the table and learning from someone else. I love computer and all things techy XD.
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[GM]Ender for GM? GS? :D
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